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Rebound - White Trash Blues

No Future-No Past! Got the White Trash Blues! White Trash Blues is going to Denver Festivus filmfestival! Festival starts at January 13 - 16, 2011, location Oriental Theater 4335 West 44th Avenue Denver, Colorado 80212. More information:

Finnish Underground radio interwiew

Rebound Friday, December 10th, 2010 Members Repa Nurmi a.k.a Rebound Green, vocals, acoustic guitar; Artturi Ranta-aho, lead guitar; Tommy Rolex, drums and percussions and Rami Soini on doublebass. Where in Finland are you from? Well, we are from around different parts of Finland, so it’s not easy to get together, for example, for rehearsals but there is also a bright side: We fight less ’cause we don’t see each other everyday… How would you describe your band for those who don’t know you? Well, it’s so cliche that it’s hard to explain the band in a few words, but that is true. Our band, Rebound is rockabilly band for sure, but it’s not from the middle of the rockabilly scene. We got probably more fans from outside of the rockabilly scene ’cause our songs and image is more mix from different styles than just original rockabilly. When did you form as a group? I started to make music long time ago, but Rebound comes really different way. That was my project and I never thought t