sunnuntai 4. heinäkuuta 2010


The new single from Rebound, "White Trash Blues" could well be taken as a soundtrack song to the classic redneck thriller "Deliverance". The A-side is a bluesy rockabilly number that is so hot it is about to burst in flames, easily comperable to Burt Reynolds' moustache and the b-side, "King Of Destiny" is not less than merciless. Both songs are included in Rebound's forthcoming album HEAVY HILLBILLY DELUXE.

"White Trash Blues" will also come out as a video later this summer. The HOT music video shot by Steve Gatlin from California USA is the second one he has done with Rebound .The two started their co-operation a few years ago with the music video for Rebound's "License To Love".

Gatlin has also included Rebound's songs in soundtracks for two of his documentaries, Beauty 24 and Arch´s Iguanas which have both won numerous prizes at international film festivals. The video for "License to Love" was a major winner for both Gatlin and Rebound when it got awarded as the best music video in San Fransisco 2009.